Electronics Assembly Technician - Sunnyvale, CA

Electronics Assembly Technician - Sunnyvale, CA

Work Location: Sunnyvale, California

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 06-12-2016

Salary: 22 USD / Hourly

Email: job@40hrs.us

Job Description

Assembly Technician 

Tongfang Global - Sunnyvale, CA

Tongfang Global is looking for motivated individuals to join an assembly production team for a short term (5-7 day) project.



Perform a series of unit assembly, disassembly,  and board level wire connection tasks for a short term manufacturing project.

Job Responsibilities

Able to read and comprehend manufacturing procedures procedures written in English.

Mechanical skills required (Assembly and disasembly of a consumer electronics product)

Possess strong organizational skills; attention to detail.

Understanding of ESD best practices in a manufacturing facility

Must be able to stand for long periods and perform repititive mechanical assembly work


Required education:


High school or equivalent

Required experience: Assembly, 1 year

Must be able to work December 15th through December 23rd

Job Requirements

Essential Duties and Responsibilities including, but not limited to:

Follow detailed assembly instructions, processes and procedures per unit requirements.

Comply with company policies, guidelines and regulatory requirements.

Report problems with quality, processes, equipment and materials.

Report errors and make corrections to schematics and bill of materials.

Maintain a safe, clean, and organized work area to facilitate manufacturing functions.


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