Work Location: Fremont, California

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 01-06-2020

Salary: Negotiate


Job Description

Reads blueprints, schematics, and technical orders to determine methods and sequence of assembly operations.
Soldier and bolts electrical and electronic components in the specified location on assembly.
Connects wires to specified terminals following diagrams, wire lists, and color codes.
Verifies dimensions and clearances of parts to ensure conformance to blueprint specifications.
Measures parts to verify conformance to specified tolerances.
Measures diameter of holes and other dimensions of housing assemblies.
Fits parts together and installs them in housings and aligns parts to ensure smooth operation of mechanical parts.
Test operates electrical and mechanical assemblies and adjusts controls to synchronize operation.
Tests assembled electro-mechanical equipment to locate defects, using functional test instruments.
Dismantles equipment and replaces worn or defective parts to repair malfunctioning equipment.
Rubs abrasive paper over the surface of close fitting mechanical parts to prevent binding.
Installs equipment, such as motors, power supplies, and control and sensing devices.
Perform a wide variety of electronic and electro-mechanical assembly operations on assemblies and sub-assemblies.
Perform functional testing of the product base on automated/semi-automated test stations.
Perform in-process and final visual inspection and packing of products.
Follows methods and sequence of operations according to work instructions.
Inspects quality and completeness of assembly and test steps.
Records data either in the computer or spreadsheet, or DHR/traveler and print test report.
Record in-process inspection checklists.

Print in process labels as per process instruction

Job Responsibilities

See JD

Job Requirements

Basic computer knowledge is a must.
Has a good understanding of the manufacturing assembly and test process, best practices and requires considerable judgment and initiative.
Normally receives little instruction on daily work, general instructions on newly introduced assignments.
Requires at least 3 years’ experience of electro-mechanical assembly
Team player and energetic and positive outlook with the flexibility to work on different products.
Ability to read and understand work instructions, assembly process diagrams, and blueprints.
As a skilled assembler completes tasks in creative and effective ways.
Basic writing and math skills.
Experience in contract manufacturing
Familiar with common hand and power tools
Good communication skills.
High school education preferred.
Experience in handling medical and precision products an added advantage
Working knowledge of ISO standards.
Ability to lift 20 lbs, able to stand and work for the duration of the shift (with breaks)

High School Diploma


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