Mechanical Drafter

Mechanical Drafter

Work Location: Fremont, Arizona

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 10-05-2020

Salary: Negotiate


Job Description

• Quickly and accurately transfer legacy engineering documents such as CAD drawings and models into an electronic PDM database

• Make corrections to legacy CAD documents such as reattaching broken dimensions, mending broken assembly links, debugging complex failed assembly mates and other similar issues, while maintaining the integrity of the documentation

• Updating legacy documentation per current Essai standards, such as updating sheet formats or reworking old CAD models to match modern modeling techniques

• Work with ERP software as needed in relation to the legacy documentation upload process, with a focus on performing basic verification/investigation operations when discrepancies are found between legacy documentation and corresponding information in the ERP system

• Juggle work requests from multiple people with various priorities and make reasonable work priority judgement calls when conflicts arise

• Work hard and independently without constant direct oversight

• Make basic corrections to legacy CAD documents such as broken dimensions, broken assembly links, failed assembly mates and other similar issues while maintaining the integrity of the documentation

• Must be able to overcome minor troubles that come up when working with CAD, PDM and ERP software such as PDM workflows

• Monitor the production schedule of items that require legacy upload and work diligently to upload all documents before they are needed for production (to avoid delivery delays)

• When more complex issues arise with legacy documentation, consult with the appropriate designers and applications engineers to determine the correct course of action


Job Responsibilities

See J.D

Job Requirements

1. Two + years of professional 3D CAD experience is desired. Preference will be given for candidates with official Solidworks certification.

2. Two + years of daily professional experience with documentation management systems including PDM and ERP software.

3. The candidate must have very good oral, written and interpersonal communications skills.

4. Enthusiasm is highly valued, as is the ability to adapt quickly in a dynamic and demanding work environment.

5. Candidate should be self-started, disciplined and willing to work with a flexible work schedule.

6. 3D CAD (Solidworks preferred), PDM and ERP experience. 



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