Work Location: Fremont, California

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 02-11-2015

Salary: Negotiate


Job Description

Provide on-site engineering service in the coverage areas
To be at customer site and ensure alpha/beta sample to pass qualification tests
To ensure all technical related questions are answered during alpha and beta phases
To identify issues and report to Fremont if sample does not bring-up or can’t pass the tests in P3 ~ P5 (alpha sample to pilot run phases)
Be the first contact for technical support for existing customers and P6 projects in the covered area

Job Responsibilities

  1. Provide on-site support for paid service
  2. Provide on-site support in covered area to important and urgent projects (support priority is assigned by manager)
  3.  Provide on-site technical support in covered area to bring up sample during customer’s alpha and beta tests,
  4. Clearly identify the technical issues and timely provide to Fremont HQ project team (PM/AM/NPI/Engineers).
  5. Proactively call customers who are doing alpha and beta tests (P3/P4) and check status or schedule a visit
  6. Report daily service job
  7. Receive project list from Fremont HQ and review “support tasks” with manager or project team
  8. Submit travel request before travel
  9. Work 5 days at Fremont office every 2~3 months
  10. Project sync-up with Fremont PM/NPI team
  11. The FAE will be trained at Fremont for 2~3 months before perform duty in the field
  12.  (update testing equipment and tools – hardware/software/standard products)

Job Requirements

Please see job description.


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