Process Engineer

Process Engineer

Work Location: Fremont , California

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 07-22-2020

Salary: Negotiate


Job Description

Please see JR

Job Responsibilities


  • Review and analyze a specific process/ procedure.
  • Identify gaps in the process and areas that need to be changed.
  • Create or change a process, as you have determined based on your assessment.
  • Manage the trial implementation of changes to ensure it is efficient and delivers the necessary results, make adjustments as needed.
  • Train employees to replicate the process.
  • Ensure manufacturing is following the process, perform a regular audit of the process to verify compliance, and re-evaluate the results.


Job Requirements


  • Bachelor degree in Manufacturing / Industry / Electronic Engineering or Equivalent
  • In depth knowledge of how to assess, develop, and implement a new process, FMEA, SPC and other tools.
  • Proficient in the ability to identify gaps in a process ad create solutions to resolve them.
  • Experience with creating and leading a team, with the ability to positively motivate personnel.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication.
  • Must be able to create clear/ complete process documents and instructions, as well as, teach them to employees.
  • Previous contract manufacturing experience is a plus.



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