Systems Test Engineer

Systems Test Engineer

Work Location: Fremont, California

Job type: Full-Time

Posted: 06-16-2021

Salary: Negotiate


Job Description

Please see JD

Job Responsibilities

  • Provide support to the manufacturing team on all activities related to testing and validations.
  • Interact with customer to understand their testing requirements and configure the ATA (AMAX Testing Automation) program based on the customer needs.
  • Monitor the ATA system performance and provide feedback to the software development team on issues and bugs.
  • Coordinate with Engineering team and vendors on tools to be used for testing of specific area or component.
  • Plan and drive continuous improvements on ATA program

Job Requirements

  • B.S. in EE, CS or related technical field.
  • 3+ years of related experiences in system testing and qualification.
  • Knowledge of the x86 server architectures including computing, storage, and network.
  • Good scripting language capability such as BASH, Python, Perl.
  • Strong Linux skill.
  • Capable of traveling and providing remote support for global sites.
  • Good communication skills for team work in sharing knowledge and resolving issues.
  • Pro-active and self-motivated.


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